Next Generation Mission‘s ministry is two-fold, serving the local church and providing all-inclusive trips for youth groups, adult teams, musical ensembles and bands, and choirs, as well as building relationships and bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the countries we serve.


Our History
Begun in 2005, Next Generation Mission was built on a desire to help students see the mission field around them, whether at school, their communities, or around the world. What began as mission trips to Jamaica for high school youth groups has grown to include more countries and other age groups. Throughout that time a more defined strategy of ministry has developed as well, bringing a wider range of opportunities, from junior high students through adults, and helping people deepen their understanding of God’s calling on their lives, of bringing people to Him, wherever they may be.


While our staff may not be large, it is a flexible, tight-knit group, continually working to facilitate ministry and mission trips.

Richard Dietrich serves as the President of Next Generation Mission and is the Team Lead for many trips. He is an evangelist at heart and has an eye that sees the spiritual need of a person and community. It is his passion and vision that launched Next Gen, continuing to lead us into the future and where God takes us.

Kimberly Promnitz is our newest team member and serves as a Team Lead for our European trips. She is loves watching teams in action, serving the Lord through serving His people.

Shelley Batdorf is our Administrator, providing behind-the-scenes support for the teams and tracking the details so essential to each trip.