Vision and Purpose
Working primarily from within Student Ministries, we desire to raise up the next generation of missionaries, training and equipping them through a step-by-step process and relying on the Holy Spirit to guide them in their ministry of spreading Truth, whether at home or abroad.

Where many mission organizations provide work projects for groups, we focus on relationship, bringing teams into areas Next Generation has built a foundation, coming alongside existing ministries, and providing mutually beneficial experiences.

Next Generation Mission seeks to provide an all-inclusive experience for the teams. From airline tickets to in-country lodging, food, transportation, and ministry experiences, our staff work hard to allow youth pastors and other leaders the chance to minister alongside their team instead of worrying about all the trip details.

Instead of assigning your team to a trip according to an organization’s calendar, we can be flexible where larger ministries cannot. The vast majority of our trips begin with interest from a ministry, band, or choir looking for a cross-cultural mission experience.

Given our own ministry experience, we understand the tight budgeting a mission trip requires and seek to provide the best service at the lowest price possible. Every person on our staff has, at one time or another, been in Student Ministries and involved in missions. Planning is key for each of our trips, and the further ahead we can begin, the better pricing we can offer.